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Signature Campaign

Seeds India started a signature campaign to collect 100,000 signatures from university students to urge for a nuclear free world by 2020. It's a joint initiative with Mayors for Peace. ...

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Mr. Yasuyoshi Komizo’s Visit to India to join UN Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

Mr. Yasuyoshi Komizo, Chairperson-Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation and Secretary General of Mayors for Peace paid a short visit to Kochi (India), an active member of Mayors for Peace in South Asia on September 26, 2014. Earlier Dr. Thomas Mathew, 2020 Vision Campaigner had met Mr. Komizo during the formers visit to Hiroshima to attend Peace Symposiums and Peace ceremony along with Japanese stu...

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Pope Francis and Marcelina

Pope Francis is the most beloved admired spiritual leader of the time. This month (March 2014), he completes one year of his Papacy. Pope Francis, who conform himself with common man and tortured ones in words and deeds, becomes a wonder to the world. He knows better than anyone the actual condition of South Central America where anarchy, conflicts and poverty prevailing, since he is hailing fro...

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Path to Peace

Everything begins in the minds of men. War and peace, love and hatred, sorrow and happiness, doubt and conviction-all begin in the hearts of men. Healing the hurt should be the beginning of the process of finding alternatives to violence. It should be clear to all that violence is only a means-misguided though it maybe, to an end not the beginning or an end itself. If we observe and analyse, vio...

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