Seeds India

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Photos Exhibition at Mar Severios HSS Ranny

On 26th March 2014, a team consisting volunteers from SEEDS-India and 16 member delegates from Ferris University, Japan visited Mar Severios Higher Secondary School Ranny, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India and interacted with teachers and students. MS Higher Secondary School is a co-education school with 1500 plus students.

Out of the total students we selected 300 students from various religious and social strata to interact with Japanese students. Indian students queried about Hibakushas, A-Bomb diseases, Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant explosion, Nuclear energy issues, 2011 Tsunami, Japanese religions and political system. The Japanese students asked various questions regarding Indian Nuclear Tests, India-Pakistan relations, Nuclear energy, Indian Culture, Caste and Class system, Political System etc.

Later the entire student body (1500) and staff of the school attended Hiroshima-Nagasaki Photo Exhibition named ‘Never Again’. The photo panels narrating the aftermath of A-Bomb disasters really broke the heart of students. The first hand information about the nuclear threat across the world was a shocking picture for the students.

Many parents and teachers who participated in the meeting as organizers as well as volunteers are planning to organize a signature campaign for ‘No More Nuclear Bombs’ by June. SEEDS-India is also planning to hold more exhibitions in the coming months. The Ranny City Mayor (President of Panchayath) and other council members have assured to Dr. Thomas Mathew, Vision 2020 Campaigner that they will join with Mayors for Peace soon.

Rev. Dr. Nozomu Hiroishi and Prof. Dr. Hajime Aizawa led the students to India. Prof. Nozomu has studied in Hiroshima and joined with Dr. Thomas Mathew at “Mayors for Peace Conference“in Hiroshima on August, 2013 as observer along with some University students.

The School authorities have requested us to organize similar program in next year, to educate the students and parents. It reflects the success of the program.